Newborn Photography

I absolutely love photography, so I want to make sure we have an awesome photographer for the baby's newborn photos. Most studios say to have the pictures taken within the first two weeks before baby acne starts showing up and so you can capture the curled up pictures. And, studios are always booked in advance, which means I need to find and schedule a photographer by August. I've found a couple local studios that I like and I'm now looking forward to what pictures they can come up with.
Here's the problem...Landon doesn't want to have a newborn portrait session. He says that I could take pictures that would be just as good, and it won't cost anything. Thanks for the compliment on my amateur photography skills, honey, but I disagree. I don't have the fancy cameras that professional photographers have (although, now that I think about it, buying one would cost about the same as the portrait session...), I don't have studio lighting and props, and I'm not very good at Photoshop.
So, here's our compromise: We'll get a newborn session (I'm not backing down from that), but I'll take the 6 month and maybe 1 year photos. Unless....and I haven't told Landon this yet....the photographer has a good (i.e. cheap) package deal for those sessions.

Here are some local photographers I like:
L. Hardin Portrait Design -
Gingeroot Photography -


one of my friends works for gingeroot!


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