So, we bought our house last summer, just cuz we liked it. Now, that it's looking like we'll stay here for awhile, I've noticed how close ALL of the schools are. One of the grade schools is 1 block away, the middle school is 3 blocks away, and the high school is 6 blocks away. We're actually 3 houses from being in the school zone for the grade school. Plus this grade school has the early childhood center attached to it. So maybe it was fate or something. We were just looking for a house to maybe rent, when we saw a open house. We did not like that house, but around the corner was this house. We loved it! It was only the second house we'd actually looked at. We've been impressed with it too, it was a quick decision, but worth it.


I totally teach at Washington Elementary (here in Wichita) and that exact eagle was our original mascot. Weird.