So, my kid is totally going to have all of their vaccines. No, I don't think they cause autism. There is no proof that vaccines are related to autism, I don't care what Jenny McCarthy says (don't get me started on her nonsense). Thimerosal was phased out of all childhood vaccinations by 2001, so the mercury levels are so minimal. There are so many studies that prove that vaccines are not linked to autism. Just do a quick Google search. Why do parents believe a D list celebrity over professionals with Ph Ds?? (Did you see the ridiculous interview on Larry King with Jenny McCarthy vs. doctors-I wanted to punch her.) But, they're in it for the money, you say--- maybe, but every doctor can't be, but a celebrity, ha. I say I'll take my chances of having a child with autism versus having them die of a disease that has been PROVEN to be preventable. I'd like to think that I have been educated enough to make an informed decision about this bring on the shots.

Okay, I'll climb off my soap box now.