Glad they're not my kids

After working with preschoolers, grade school students, middle schoolers, and high schoolers for almost a year now, I've learned a lot about what I will and will not do with my own children. If I can help it, my kid will:

1) not talk back to adults
2) know their colors, numbers, and alphabet by preschool
3) not cuss- especially in preschool!
4) not run away from adults when asked to do something- treat adults with respect
5) not grab at everything they see
6) not pout everytime an adult asks them to do something
7) know how to write their name by kindergarten
8) know how to correctly articulate r, s, sh, ch, k, g, etc.---I will work with my kids a lot if they don't follow the developmental norms for speech
9) behave themselves appropriately in appropriate situations (stores, church, school, etc.)
10) cover their mouth when they cough and use a tissue when needed

Now, I realize I may not have complete control over any of these happening how I would want, but if I have my way there are so many things I see my preschoolers doing that I would never allow my own children to do. You should probably get back with me if a couple years and see if any of this has worked out, or if my kids turn out to be monsters. :)