Random 10 Friday

The last couple of days the baby has been kicking my ribs on my right side like no other. It's so uncomfortable and I really wish he'd find a new spot. At the same time, though, it's reassuring that he's moving a lot again. He's just changed his schedule to being active around 5pm instead of 11am.


I can't believe I only have a month left until we can meet our son. I'm excited and nervous. He could really come any time now, but hopefully he waits until right around the due date. As far as work goes it would work out perfectly. The due date is on Sunday. The Friday before that I have a day of (no school), then it's Saturday which is Halloween, then the Monday after is a school inservice day. It'd be awesome if he came anytime during those couple days. We'll see what happens.


Random 10 tunes:

1. Feel Good Drag- Anberlin
2. Invincible- Crossfade
3. Sometimes- Ours
4. I Dare You- Shinedown
5. Cute Without the "E"- Taking Back Sunday
6. What I Got- Sublime
7. We Fly High- Big Mike
8. O Holy Night- Bing Crosby
9. Halloween Spooks- Spooky Tunes CD (yay, Halloween songs)
10. Break- Three Days Grace

Random picture: Nursery artwork from Etsy. Find it at this shop. This artist is creepy, but really awesome too. It's crazy that we're using his artwork in the nursery.