The Final Countdown

We had our last weekly doctor appointment today. I haven't been feeling any contractions so I wasn't expecting much. However, I'm dilated to 1.5 and 70% effaced! Wow! The doctor then asks us about inducing again and how we felt about it. I told her that we were wondering if we could possibly induce on Halloween (Saturday). The doctor was understandably hesitant, especially since she has her own kids that she'd want to take trick-or-treating.
Then I mention that maybe we could induce late on Friday (30th) and hope that labor lasts past midnight. She thinks it over a little, and then says she'll go call the labor and delivery dept. at the hospital to explain what's going on and see if it'll work out. When she came back to the room, she said we were good to go and told us what to expect when we get to the hospital. Awesome! I'm supposed to report to admissions at the hospital at noon on Friday and then go up to labor and delivery to start the baby process. This works out great too because I don't have to work at all on Friday and Landon won't have to take off any time (except a half day Friday) unless I'm still in the hospital on Monday. Friday is also my brother's birthday. I don't really want Remington to have to share his birthday, but my brother would love it if Remington was born then.
I'm excited, but kinda nervous too. It's like we lost 2 days now, and now it's a bit more real that we'll have a baby this weekend. I'll make sure to bring the laptop along to the hospital to post something of an update if I can. I don't know how much I'll be able to post though, but I will definitely have pictures up ASAP. So, Remington, we'll see you in 3 days!

By the way: We just sold our last two puppies tonight. A couple our age took the last two puppies together. It was so cute how they were cuddling each other, it was probably hard to split them up. :)

Picture: Our porch for Halloween.