Blame it on the Baby

Picture: The nursery in progress.

For the last couple weeks I've been waking up with numbness and tingling in my hands. It's like they've 'fallen asleep.' So I Googled and found out it's pregnancy induced carpal tunnel! So weird. Apparently, while you're retaining water everywhere, you also retain it in the carpal tunnel in your wrists, so that's why my hands are going numb and tingly when I sleep on them.

Today was another weekly doctor appointment. The doctor did a Strep B test, which is an infection that affects the baby when it's born, but is no problem for the mother. I'll have to wait to see if I have that. If I do, then the doctor will just give me antibiotics during labor. Today was also the first time the doctor checked my cervix for dilation. Remington's not coming this week- 0 dilation. I'm glad he's waiting, we're not ready yet. We don't have a crib.

This baby was completely planned even down to being born in October/November, but now that it's getting closer you start thinking, "Am I really ready for this?" Our lives are going to change forever. We're going to be responsible for this little helpless creature. Can we do it? Everytime I ask myself that I always think, well so and so did it when they didn't plan to have a kid, etc. so we can if do it if they can, right? Only 3 weeks to find out.

By the way: This is my 100th post!!! Wow, I never would have thought I'd be blogging this much, maybe I need to cool it down before I get carpal tunnel for real, :).


pregnancy does so many weird things to you!!! 3 weeks will be here soon!!! :)