Baby Shower

The following are pictures from the baby shower Sunday (10/11/09). It was held at my parent's house in Lyons. We played the guess the chocolate in the diaper game, the problem and solution mix up game, and guess the white powder/baby powder game. Thank you for all who attended, and I'm sorry you couldn't make it for those of you who might not have gotten there. We received some great gifts and you can see the Facebook album of all the shower pictures here:

Pacifier favors made from lifesavers:

Decorations were my sets of classic children's books with matching doll:

Chocolate diaper game:

Baby blanket made by my Grandma:

Crochet clothes made by Landon's great grandma, now handed down to Remington.

Baby blanket made by my mom:

Another baby blanket made by my mom (still in progress):