Will anyone watch my unborn baby?

Ugh, childcare searching sucks. I did find out that the place that was rude to me isn't taking any kids under a year old anymore. Something must have happened and that's why they were rude. Bad thing is that since they aren't taking anyone, every other place is full. I stopped by the Chamber of commerce and they didn't have a list of providers because they aren't chamber members. However, she did give me a website and phone number to call for lists. It's called ChildStart (http://www.childstart.org), and they had some places that I could call. Also, since my mother in law works for SRS, she asked coworkers if they had suggestions. So, I then at least had a short list of people to call. After calling around today I found two home based day cares that have openings. I'll stop by and check them out tomorrow. I don't really know what I'm looking for but I want to see that it's clean (well, as clean as a day care can be), that babies are sleeping in cribs on their back, that it's safe, and that the care giver is nice. I'm not even worried about cost anymore, it's been so hard to even find someone. Even if I find a place I like I know I'll always worry about what's going on there and if my baby is safe.

Yesterday I went for our previously scheduled gender check sonogram. We didn't cancel this appointment just because it was free and we would then get a second opinion and another sonogram. Anyway, it's still definitely a boy. My next actual doctor appointment is next Thursday. I can't believe summer is almost over. I don't want to go back to work. It'll be weird too, because the last trimester will be spent at work while I've been relaxing and enjoying the easy 2nd trimester on vacation. It's going to be stressful. I'll have to do a lot of scheduling of IEPs so that they won't be during my maternity leave. But, what if the baby comes way early- then I'll be even more stressed. There's just too many unknowns that you have to work, or try to work around.