Family Vacation

My family took at vacation trip to Branson, MO this weekend. What a crazy trip.

Friday: Landon worked until noon when we planned to go to Wichita to help my brother and his fiance look at rings. They were late (they recently returned from a trip to China, where she is from) and we didn't end up getting to Wichita until 3 or so. We looked at rings and I think they have a better idea of what they want now. They didn't buy anything. The rest of my family showed up and we slowly started pulling them away from ring shopping so we could head to Branson. Due to multiple stops and not leaving early, we arrived at the hotel at 2 am. Grr, this was just the start to the waiting around for my brother and his fiance and not getting to do anything as planned. I am an obsessive planner and my brother doesn't know anything in advance. Irritating!

Saturday: We wanted to get up and get to Silver Dollar City by the time they opened at 9am, but my parents didn't set their alarm correctly and we had to wait forever (Landon got up at 6) to finally get to Silver Dollar City around 11. I knew Silver Dollar City was going to be crazy because I couldn't ride any fun rides and Landon doesn't like rides. We walked around and waited and waited some more for my siblings to ride rides, etc. Finally, Landon and I broke from the group and walked around by ourselves. This was so much better- we could do what we wanted when we wanted. However, it didn't last long before we had to meet the group again. The weather didn't help things either...being Missouri it was hot and extremely humid. I was miserable and irritated. Then, we were done with Silver Dollar City and went to a shopping center (pretty much a mall, but outside) called the Landing and ate at a Fish House. That was fun, but we didn't get to eat until 10pm, due to....that's right, more waiting!

Sunday: We went to church and then back to the shopping center since all the stores were closed the night before. We left there around 1, which again was not the plan because Landon, me, and my brother wanted to leave by then to head back home. Everyone else was staying for the week, but Landon and my brother had to work Monday, and I was going back with Landon, of course. After the shopping center we took a quick trip to Ozark, MO to eat at Lambert's resturant where they throw rolls at you. Fun place, but Landon didn't get to enjoy it because we were rushing to leave- Lambert's always has a line and we had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes to get a table. Landon also really wanted to go to Bass Pro shop in Springfield, but we just didn't have time. We left around 4 and drove home. We dropped off my brother and got home around 10:30pm.

It was quite the family vacation. There was 9 of us (mom and dad, Landon and I, my 3 brothers, my middle brother's fiance, and my sister) Even with all the waiting and getting irritated constantly, I still overall had a good time spending it with my family no matter how much I might complain about it. It was nice to have a vacation with them before having kids running around and everything. I think it would be really fun to have a vacation sometime with just Landon, me, and my parents. My family has always gone on big vacations, where Landon's family never went any where. It was a great part of my childhood and I want my kids to enjoy the same. Now, enjoy some pictures:

Landon waiting.

Our train being "robbed" at Silver Dollar City

The Marvel Cave

My sister and dad playing checkers.

My brother and his fiance in "jail."

Landon and two of my brothers.

Mom, Dad, and my older brother eating.