Random 10 Friday

Random 10 Friday Tunes:

1. That's My Number- Sublime
2. Carnivale- (hed) PE
3. Bamboo & Cross (Interlude)- Outkast
4. I Like Big Butts- Sir Mix A Lot
5. Long Train Runnin'- The Doobie Brothers
6. Sweet Children- Green Day
7. Feed the Tree- Belly
8. Left Behind- Slipknot
9. Afternoons and Coffeespoons- Crash Test Dummies
10. To Hell We Ride- Lost Prophets

Today is the day we find out what we're having and I'll post as soon as I can with the results. Our appointment isn't until 3:00, so it'll be awhile.


Random Photo: Landon shooting targets on the Flooded Mine ride at Silver Dollar City