This weekend I took a quick trip to Topeka for a classmate's wedding. It was great having a mini SLP reunion. While there I also stopped by Babies R Us to get something blue for our little boy. I found an adorable onesie that Landon wants to bring the baby home from the hospital in. I also bought another onesie and a cute shirt for the baby's 6 month pictures (if he fits 6 mo. clothes at 6 mo.). I have scheduled the baby pictures with L. Hardin photography. Now I'm trying to find a day care. I called the only two childcare centers in town on the 9th, but no one called me back to say they had openings or not. So I called today. The place that's supposed to be better were rude and said they don't have an opening. The other place is supposed to call back tomorrow. We'll see. I realized that an infant takes the place of 3 other children, but I'm calling 6 months in advance, you don't have to be rude about not having a spot open. If the other daycare doesn't have a spot I don't know what I'll do. How do you find home based care? They're not listed in the phone book, and our doctor wasn't any help. Maybe I'll try the Chamber of Commerce or the health center. It takes me back to when I was trying to find a doctor...if a person with a good job, insurance, homeowner, married, and in their 20s can't find these services then how does anyone??? Irritating.