9 Months

I can't believe my little rockstar is already 9 months old! He also, got his first tooth today! You can feel it, but can't quite see it yet. Well, atleast it's a battle to get him to move his tongue so I can see it (it's on the bottom right side).

Here are the milestones for 9 Months:

Most babies should be able to . . .
  • Stand while holding on to something- ALL the time! He want's to pull up on everything.
  • Look for dropped objects- Yep, he's often able to lean down and pick it up too.
  • Pull up to standing position from sitting- Again, he pulls up on everything.
  • Clap and bang objects together- He can't clap his hands, but he does bang things together a little.
  • Combine syllables into word like sounds- Yep, I think he can say mama now. It sure sounds like it, he just holds it out more than 2 syllables. Lots of 'm's and vowel sounds.
  • Separation and stranger anxiety may begin- A little bit, we'll see what happens when he starts new daycare on Monday.

Some babies will probably be able to . . .
  • Use thumb and finger pincer grasp to pick things up- Sometimes, but he uses all his fingers most of the time.
  • Walk holding onto furniture- Yes, just this morning he was holding on to his highchair and pushing it around the house.
  • Stand alone momentarily- Not yet.
  • Wave goodbye- Getting close.
  • Drop object and then looks for them- Yep.
  • Understand the word no (but usually doesn’t obey it)- Yes, he gets really mad when you get on to him about getting something he shouldn't. After about three times, he will stop reaching for whatever he shouldn't have... well, sometimes. :)
  • Begin to identify self in a mirror- I think he knows, but it's hard to tell.

Some babies could possibly be able to . . .
  • Say mama and dada to the right parents- I think he says mama to me...
  • Play patty cake- Not yet.
  • Play ball- Not yet, he'll hold a ball, but won't throw it.
  • Drink from a cup independently- Not even close. He doesn't like to hold his sippy cup.
  • Stand alone well- Not yet
  • Say one word other than mama or dada- Not yet.

You Capture: Play

We took Remington to the park to play the other day. He had a lot more fun this time than the last time we put in in a baby swing. Maybe because he's a daredevil like his dad, and grandpa, and uncles.... We were nervous about the safety of the swing, but he did fine.

Click here for more photos of Play:


8 Months

I've been such a bad blogger. I never posted Remington's 8 month photos and he's now almost 9 months!
So, here they are. Better late than never.

You Capture: Black and White

This week's You Capture is all about black and white photos. I love black and white, so here are a few pictures from this week.

Remington wearing his Aerosmith shirt.

Remington and his Jimmy Hendrix shirt.

I didn't get amazing photos this week, but Remington is always cute. And this one doesn't count, but here's is one I took for a client a few weeks ago. I love it.
For more black and white photos click here.

You Capture: America

This week's You Capture is all about America in celebration of Independence Day. I was hoping for some fun fireworks shots, however, the fireworks show was rained out this year. The parade was still on though, so here are some pictures.

True middle America. Kansas.

The firetrucks scared Remington.

Only in small town Kansas does your father in law and his brothers shoot a bowling ball cannon for the 4th of July. Surprisingly, this did not make Remington cry, he's definitely his father's son. ;)

And, only in Kansas do you use your car to get a Chinese kite down from the trees. My parents brought the kite back from their recent trip to China for my brother's wedding.

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