You Capture: Play

We took Remington to the park to play the other day. He had a lot more fun this time than the last time we put in in a baby swing. Maybe because he's a daredevil like his dad, and grandpa, and uncles.... We were nervous about the safety of the swing, but he did fine.

Click here for more photos of Play:



Oh I love it in the B&W but I also like them in color... they are great photos!


I love the pictures in black and white especially the merry go round one.

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What cute shots _ I think my favorite is the one where he's right in the middle.


I love the swing pictures. And I adore that first one. You perfectly captured "fun". Awesome shots.

And what did you have to promise to get him on the merry-go-round?? My kid won't go NEAR one. But, put him in a computer chair, and he's in heaven. Figure that out! Lol.

Thank you for your comment on my post. Your son is adorable!


Just adorable!! Love his feet.


That child has the most fantastic eyes...and those eyelashes. Beautiful, beautiful child. And wonderful photos.


Oh dear - those shots are FANTASTIC! Love the black and whites. And those chubby ankles and feet... I miss those days! Sniff, sniff....