You Capture: America

This week's You Capture is all about America in celebration of Independence Day. I was hoping for some fun fireworks shots, however, the fireworks show was rained out this year. The parade was still on though, so here are some pictures.

True middle America. Kansas.

The firetrucks scared Remington.

Only in small town Kansas does your father in law and his brothers shoot a bowling ball cannon for the 4th of July. Surprisingly, this did not make Remington cry, he's definitely his father's son. ;)

And, only in Kansas do you use your car to get a Chinese kite down from the trees. My parents brought the kite back from their recent trip to China for my brother's wedding.

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Our fireworks got rained out too- glad you had lots of fun otherwise!!!


Too funny about the cannonball! Love the tractor in the parade! Great shots!


love the cannon - my son would have gone nuts over that (in a good way)


I LOVE your fourth of July Parade! There aren't any around here and I wish there was : ) So much fun! : ) I especially love Remington (who has the best name ever) and his crying face. How cute is he? :)


I love small town Kansas parades! Great shots!


I love a parade and you captured it beautifully.


I like your "only in Kansas" shots!


Love your parade pictures as well, they look very "Real" our parade was more of an advertisement for local companies this year...And Remington is cute as usual.