Random 10 Friday

Random 10 Friday Tunes:

1. It's a Long Way to the Top- ACDC
2. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite- REM
3. Flower- Soundgarden
4. Mechanical Animals- Marilyn Manson
5. Ticks & Leeches- Tool
6. Kidding Ourselves- Stabilo
7. Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart- Stone Temple Pilots
8. Let It Loose- Metallica
9. Little Sister- Queens of the Stone Age
10. Killing the Fly- Union Underground

***Bonus: Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue***** We're off to Cruefest 2 this Sunday in Kansas City to see Motley Crue in concert for the 4th time (Wichita, Denver, Omaha, now KC)!!!! They're Landon's favorite band. We'll also see Theory of a Deadman (one of my favorites) for the 3rd time, and Godsmack and Drowning Pool for the first time. It outta be a great time!!!

My sister got out of the hospital a while ago, but she still has to have an IV for antibiotics twice a day everyday for at least another week.

School starts in a week. Next week on Thursday and Friday I'll start working at two of my 3 schools. The week after that students start, however, since I have to work with all the teachers and sped. teachers to schedule (which is a nightmare) all my students, I won't start seeing my students until they're in school for at least a week. Last year, since it was my first year, I took like two weeks to schedule all my students, but it should go better and faster this year. I so do not want to go back. Two months of kids then maternity leave, though. Yay! I'm just afraid of what will happen if the baby comes sooner. Like what if I go into labor at school?!? Yikes.

We still don't have the crib that we ordered back at the end of May. According to the store, the manufacturer quoted them mid August. We'll see.... We're lucky we ordered it so far ahead of time if it's taking this long to ship it to the store.

Random picture: Motley Crue concert in Omaha, the last time we saw them.